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The Dirtball Made in USA Short

The Dirt Short

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Nothing Dirty Here Review by Johnny-O
While I have not had these for a very long period of time, I have been using them heavily. The fabric, as would be expected, is slightly stiff. However, I have very sensitive skin and have encountered no negative effects from the material. When I am wearing them, I do not notice any stiffness. The material is extremely tough and durable. I can't see them wearing out. These are just a wonderful all-around short. My only complaint is the snap mechanism. A button would be much more suitable. I would highly recommend these to anyone. Every purchase also helps to support our country. Well worth the cost. (Posted on 7/17/2014)
Best longest lasting shorts ever Review by mud314
My summary above tells the story. These shorts look the same as the first day I got them 3 years ago. These shorts are simply the best. I guess I should will them to someone after I pass, cause these shorts will certainly outlive me. (Posted on 12/3/2013)
Been wearing these shorts since May 2011 (my two pairs of shorts) Review by Adam
I usually never write reviews so if this review is scatter brain I apologize. Joe Fox CEO of DB fashion asked me to tell my story about my experience with these shorts. So here we go.

I bought these shorts back in 2011 both styles and I've been wearing them ever since. I abuse them quite a bit. I love them. I don't own a lot of clothing. On top of that I don't generally wear pants unless I have to. If its raining I'll just wear these shorts with long socks. I wore these shorts alternating ever other day for an unbelievable amount of days. Still doing it. I have worked manual labor in these things for 2 years doing landscape contracting.They don't get dirty compared to cotton, they dry fast, there extremely light, they are well fitting, and an excellent length for me. ~5'11" & 160 lbs. I've swam in them, climbed, hiked, biked, relaxed, slept, anything and everything in these shorts. I really enjoy the tear resistant material and it's inabilty to get caught on things. Couple times I wondered if tree branches, protruding rocks, or fox gloves would get caught and rip it or get stuck in some of the cotton fibers, but nope. Sure it's not ripstop but it is just has good if not better. I didnt intentally put these shorts to the limit but i ended up doing it anyways.

I've carried knives in this shorts. I've carried entire water bottles, phones, wallet. Huge pockets They are just a well fitting short.

If your skeptical about the cost. Don't be. These shorts will last you a time well worth the cost.

I wear these things probably 6 times a week switching off by color alternating days. I love them so much. That is right, love. I'm returning mine for the first time in over 2 yrs to get new pairs.

Only because a had made a couple of holes and I ripped some stitching. If I could sew. I could have fix them myself. Joe fox CEO told me to send them back and I'll get 20% off new pairs. Because they recycle them. *** I do want to be clear my shorts did not break or become ruined i just wanted a fresh pair after wearing them for so long. ***

I took a chance buying from a company on the Internet called "Dirtball fashion" and in the end I'm glad I did and I'd do it again in a heart beat.

Great American shorts and a great American company.

Thanks DB fashion.
(Posted on 10/27/2013)

3 Item(s)

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